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Post Surgery Something Comfy
Something Comfy
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Something Special
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Radiant in her Rescue
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Mastectomy bra product info

We have produced an extensive range of mastectomy bras tailored for all post-surgery needs. Some of our bras are designed to incorporate a spandex breast pocket to give you the reassurance that your prosthesis is securely held in place during use. If you would like add on pockets to one of our bras that doesn't already come with them, then we'll be happy to add these for you at a cost of £5 per pocket with delivery expected to take an additional 7 days on top of the stars 5 working days.

Our range of 60 different post mastectomy bras and sets aim to give you a fantastic choice of styles. Expertly and thoughtfully designed, we have a look for every woman whether you are after something comfortable, elegant, sophisticated or feminine, we're sure to have something for you. We don't see why the designs of our bras had to be compromised in order to incorporate the need for breast pockets so our products reflect this with a high quality stunning finish.

Our mastectomy bras UK resemble any normal bra, but here at Chantilly Rose we make your shopping experience easier. We also have a great range of Ameona mastectomy bras at great prices.

To help you find what you're looking for, we have divided our bras into sub-categories so you can find the exact style for you. For immediate post-surgery, you might want to consider our selection of specially designed lightly supportive bras, these can be purchased in either white, black or beige and offer you comfortable sophistication.

Our extensive range includes:

Something Comfy - here you'll have the option of browsing through our range of comfortable bras and sets. They are available in three different styles:

  • Everyday - simple yet comfortable, a style for all.
  • Light Support - offering slightly more support for women who need it.
  • Moulded and Wired - beautiful modern designs in a variety of patterns and colours.

Something Special - we have carefully selected wide range offering you that little bit extra, a sexy and glamorous you!

Something Supportive - we offer you a bra that can give you extra support if needed, it is designed for two cups and benefits from a great structural design. Here you will also find our sports bras so you can get back on that treadmill!

Our bras can be purchased in a variety of different sizes, if you are considering the purchase of your first breast form then we would recommend you find the perfect fitting bra first, this will then make it easier to work out the correct size needed.